Event Styling

We offer you unique and innovative designs for everything from your invitations to styling your guest tables. We work closely with you to determine the style and feel you want to achieve, and ensure this pervades each aspect of your event including your menu, entertainment, venue and ambience.

To help start you thinking we have listed some themes for you to use as inspiration. You are welcome to pick and choose feelings or themes from each style, or bring your own ideas based on a colour, a smell or taste, a favourite piece of fabric or even a favourite drink! The possibilities are endless….

Cinnamon and Cigars
Teapots and Tiaras

Spices and Silk
The melting pot of Asian cultures - richly coloured silks blowing gently in the breeze of windows and doorways and bright cushions and rugs invite guests to relax. Wooden bowls of spices and fruit lend an exotic look and create a rich aroma to inject the excitement of anticipation. Candles and incense burn and flicker lending a mysterious ambience while each table is served a banquet of exotic flavours from the East.

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