Please note we are adding to our hireware all the time. If there is something specific you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Candle Holders
BWB_6.jpg Etched Hurricane Lamps –             large $15.00

Etched Hurricane lamps –              small $10.00

Glass 3 prong candelabra with crystal drops $40.00
(Includes candles – a huge range of colours available)

Black glass candelabra – 5 prong $50.00

Votive candle holders  - clear glass and frosted available $2.00
(includes candle)


Cylindrical Vase, large – 40cm tall $20.00
Square vase, medium – 12cm x 12cm $8.00
Square vase, small – 10cm x 10cm $5.00
Round Vase, large – 35cm diameter $12.00
Round vase, small – 15cm diameter $10.00
Vintage “crystal cut” vases – Variety of styles and sizes $15.00
Vintage style decanters – Variety of styles and sizes $15.00
(can be used for water on tables or as vases)
Vintage style sweet jars $5.00

glasses.jpgSmokey wine glasses $4.00  each (60 available only)
Smokey short tumblers$4.00 each (60 available only)




Mirrors 60cm x 30cm $20.00
Birdcages – small $20.00, large$30.00
Parasols – white$20.00

White round rice paper lanterns $15.00 each

Coloured round rice paper lanterns (pink, yellow, red available) $30.00 each

Linen table runners 300cm x 40cm $25.00 each
(A variety of other table runners available – please contact us for more details)

Chandeliers – 4 bulb, pale blue$50.00 

photo by Amber-Jayne Bain

Prices are exclusive of gst, delivery, pick up and set up charges.

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