Why use a professional wedding designer

wedding_stationery.jpgUp until recently a wedding planner was thought of as a luxury. Now however with more demands on our time, a professional wedding planner is an essential element of a successful wedding. Having experience in contracting the services of the photographer, florist and caterer for example can save you time and money in knowing the right questions to ask to ensure you get exactly what you want to suit your style and budget.

As busy people you may not have the time to gather information and compare all the options. We are not here to make decisions for you, but to allow you to make informed decisions and to ensure all the little details have been considered.

Often when you are planning a wedding you will come across vendors who will offer to coordinate your wedding for you, for example your venue might offer to organise the catering, photographers and florist. However the selection you will be offered is often very limited, perhaps one recommendation for each service, and almost certainly the style of your wedding won’t have been taken into consideration.

At Charlotte Wood Events we have sourced a range of vendors for each aspect of your big day. As weddings are as individual as the people getting married, we can recommend vendors to specifically meet your individual style and budget. They are people who are trusted and well respected within the industry and the recommendations will be based on exactly what you want.



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